Thursday, September 16, 2010

Getting Started...

Everyone has been telling me for years that I should write a book... not because I'm that intelligent, witty or interesting, but because the craziest stuff happens to me.  In the words of my friend KHH- "If anyone else told me this I'd think they were lying..."  Why this stuff happens, I'm not really sure.  I figure I have two options:  1) I killed someone is a past life and this is my penance or 2) I'm due to win the Mega Millions lottery.  I'm going with the latter, but am just hoping I actually start buying the lotto tickets before it is my turn to win.  With my luck, I'm guessing I will drive right past the 7-11 on the big day.  Anyhow, if by some miracle my life calms down, and becomes simple and boring, I promise to stop writing this blog.  And if I ever start writing posts about my lunch, or going to the bathroom, you can come and smack me hard.  In the meantime, I'll only post when something terrible or amusing happens, which will probably be daily, so check back often.


  1. YEAH!!! This should be good. Are you starting with the $17k dog? ;-)