Friday, September 17, 2010

Taking it Back Old School

Well, as my friend EHB told me when she was encouraging me to start this blog, it comes to you right away and you just know what you're going to say.  I was worried that my timing was off, because as some of you know, I stress fractured my foot (at the gym- no joke) and since I can't do too much, was actually concerned my life might be too calm for the next few weeks to have anything good to say.... But then, when I woke up at 3 am, in a cold sweat, because I realized that I had actually been stupid enough to create a blog IN MY OWN NAME, I also realized I have often woken up in the middle of the night in a panic.  The name in the blog is a problem on many fronts- the first being that I work at an investment bank.  Can you imagine if one of my clients googled me before they hired me, doing normal due diligence, and saw some of the stories I'm about to write?  Or even worse, if a date googled me, and saw all my baggage conveniently and tidily lined up for him to see?  So, I have spent the morning trying to figure out how to change it- and have come up with a new URL  It seems more fitting anyway.  So in between worrying about having just performed career suicide, and future relationship suicide, I realized this:  My life has been this insane for the last thirty something years.  So, on the days that are calm, I'll just pull from the arsenal of craziness that is my life.  Heck, I might do it even when my life is in chaos, because some of the arsenal stories are way better than the Jersey Shore antics.  So here's my little vignette for you to get your day going....
When I was in college, a freshman to be specific, there was a senior boy that I had a major crush on.  I won't even use his initials, because then every one of you will be able to figure it out, and although I'm okay embarrassing myself, I don't really want to torment anyone else.  So this boy, let's call him Sam, and I had a class together.  He was super nice, and always said hi to me, as we had some mutual friends.  So he graduated and went on about his business, and I went about my business, but I was pretty convinced he had been going out of his way to flirt with me, so I was flirting right back.  The next Fall, when it was time for Homecoming, being the cool sophomores that we were, my friends and I got a big dinner table up at the Biltmore in the bar section, and waited for everyone to show up, and the fun to begin.  My fun started when Sam walked in, and I hopped up to greet him, hit my head on the hanging light above our table, and knocked myself out and onto the floor.  My fun ended, when regaling my friend BDK with the story later, I told her how embarrassed I was, because he had to come over and scoop me up off the floor.  I told her it was especially humiliating, because we had been flirting for a year, and I was sure I had ruined my chance.  I told her that he had been giving me a little wink every time he saw me for the past year, and now I was sure he would just laugh.  BDK said "Winking?  Winking? Jodie, you know he has Tourette's, right?"  Um, no, I did not.

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